Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone


Our iPhones are the most wondrous devices, as they let us do a number of things from playing to games to texting to, of course, making phone calls. With so many apps and hacks for the iPhone online, you may have missed the chance to do some of these exciting features. Here are 20 things you didn’t know about your iPhone.

20. Answer Texts While in an App

The notification drawer that was new to iOS 9 and iPhone 6 has many features. For example, you can use the notification drawer to quickly respond to a text even while you are still in an app, no need to even exit.phone20

19. Send Your Location

If someone texts you the question “hey, where are you?” you can actually respond by giving them your location. Just tap the “Details” link at the top of the screen and hit “send my location.” A map of your location will be sent via text.phone19


18. Exit That Group Conversation

Sometimes it’s helpful to be part of a group text, but other times you’d really rather not be part of an extended group thread. All you need to do is exit the messages by tapping “Details” in the upper right hand corner and selecting “Leave Conversation.”phone18

17. Forward Text Messages

You can still forward text messages to other contacts. Now rather than selecting Edit, which you did in older versions of iOS, you select the “More” link that appears next to the text.phone17

16. Correct Siri’s Pronunciation

If hearing Siri mispronounce names bugs you, there’s an easy way to help Siri adapt. Launch Siri and ask her to pronounce the name in question. If she gets it wrong, tell her so, and you can then give her the correct pronunciation and she will remember it.phone16

15. Track Your Own Movements

iPHone makes it easy to keep track of everywhere you’ve been. If you want to see all the places you walked today, go to Privacy>Location Services>System Services. At the bottom and select “Frequent Locations” which will bring up your History. Careful, this could also be used by lawyers to trip you up in court!phone15

14. Answer Texts While Phone Stays Locked

You can respond to texts in iOS 9.2 by simply pulling down the notification drawer, swiping left on the new text and tapping a response. The phone can stay locked while you do.phone14

13. Mute Your Messages

Don’t want to be bothered by text messages? Then put the text features on Mute. In the messaging thread, select “do not disturb” and you will have a silent phone until you switch it back.phone13

12. Multitask Emails

iOS 9.2 makes your Mail work more like it does when you’re on your laptop. So if you are working on an email but need to view another email, you can now just pull the mail down to the side and work on something else. When you’re done, slide the unfinished email back to the center of your screen.phone12

11. Hands-Free Siri

You can use Siri hands-free! If you want to have this option and you have iPhone 6, enable the virtual Siri by going to Settings>General>Siri and turn on Enable Hey Siri. Then, every time you want to go hands-free, say “Hey Siri” and the app will launch.phone11

10. Name a Group Conversation

If you regularly communicate with a group of people via text, you can name the group to make future messaging easier. This is helpful if you want to send texts to everyone at your office, or to all the members of your baseball team. By clicking the Details link on the messages, you can give them a name.phone10

9. Discover Which Apps Drain Battery

You can go to the Settings menu and get lots of information about your battery life. You’ll be able to see which of your apps are using the most battery, and close them out if you aren’t currently using them.phone9

8. Let Yourself Be Tracked

Although you don’t want to be stalked, sometimes it would be nice to let someone know exactly where you are at all times, especially if your child is using an iPhone. Go to the Details link in messages and select “share my location” rather than “Send” my location. Then the other person can track your movements.phone8

7. Save Battery

One of the battery-saving features that is a welcome addition to the new iPhone is the ability to turn on Grayscale to save battery life. You can access this mode by going Settings>General>Accessibility and tapping “Grayscale.”phone7

6. Emergency Medical Information

Starting with iOS 8, Apple enabled a Medical ID in the Health app. You can add medical information that you or others can access without unlocking the phone. On the locked screen, tap the Emergency button that appears next to the place you enter your password. That brings up the Medical ID button.phone6

5. Ask Siri to Remind You

Apple is continuing to make Siri more like a Virtual Assistant. Now you can ask Siri to remind you to read or respond to an email or text message later. This feature works with iOS 9 enabled devices and is compatible with Notes, Mail, Messages and Safari.phone5

4. Reachability Mode

Reachability mode is perfect for working with a larger screen. If you have iPhone 6 and like to use just one hand, you can double-tap the Home button to drag content to the bottom of the screen where it’s easy to reach with one hand.phone4

3. Have Siri Read to You

One of the best accessibility features on iPhone is the feature allowing Siri to read what’s on your screen. Start by going Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. Turn on Speak Screen and Speak Selection. When you return to your screen, Siri will read whatever is on the screen as you scroll down the page.phone3

2. Self-Destructing Videos and Texts

If you want anonymity, you don’t need to download a special app. Go to Settings, select Messages and scroll to the bottom. There, you can set your text and video message to delete automatically after two minutes.phone2

1. Control iPhone by Using Your Head

Did you know you could control your phone by nodding your head? There is an accessibility setting you can access by going to Settings>General>Accessibility>Interaction. Select “Switch Control” and tap “Switches.” Then you can add new Switches. For example, pick Camera and then add Left Head Movement. Then, by going to the System movement, you can assign this movement (Head Movement) to a task.phone1