23 Realistic Tattoos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl


Tattoos usually mean a lot to the person who wears them. But imagine you wore a tattoo which turned heads everywhere you went, and we mean EVERYWHERE! These are the tattoos that is getting so much attention all over the internet. The reason for that is that they look insanely realistic. They look like they are about to crawl off their skin and approach you. If you are ready to witness some incredibly realistic tattoos then go ahead, we promise number 17 will scare the living hell out of you!

1.You better be silent19eade106bc32214876dd89b9bf21bfcThis skilled tattoo artist Pavel Krim is known for his painting-like tattoos, especially drawing large faces on body canvases. His images are as if he is using a paintbrush and water colors, making it extremely difficult to execute and highly visible to the naked eye. These three clients of his seem to be immensely satisfied of their body art by Pavel.


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