Rachel Alvin from Manchester Talks About her Path to Independence


Everybody has a different way to describe independence. Yet, in a world full of financial constrains, reaching financial independence is a common goal to many. It’s not necessarily about being able to vacation in Saint-Tropez on a luxury yacht. It is much simpler than that. It’s about being able to buy what you fancy in the supermarket; not dreading the first of the month; being able to afford the best education for you children and more day to day “luxuries”.

We reached out and got a chance to chat with Rachel from Manchester, who spoke to us exclusively: ” Everyone has a dream and I’ve always dreamed of a big income and independent work. I’ve been working as a salesperson in a large department store. The salary barely lasted to the end of the month. I took on extra shifts to try and make ends meet but at the end of the day the job was boring and unrewarding. Thanks to Forex trading I managed to turn things around and change my life for the better.

I am a 28 years old mum of two young kids. I have been living on my own for the past two years after separating from my husband. My divorce somehow got me the courage to make a change for me and for my children.

I have been working in a department store but barely made enough money for our monthly needs. I never went to university so my options were limited to begin with. Still, I always aspired to better my life and to become financially independent.

Rachel was unable to make ends meet following her divorce

I began searching the Internet on how to work independently. I continued to search for nearly six months and finally, after massive research, decided to start work by investing with Forex.
I liked the idea of working on the Internet from home and the possibility of converting little capital within days or even hours sometimes.
After I read a lot about the Forex, foreign currency trading, on the Internet I have decided to register with one of the more established trading companies.

Following my registration I got a call from their wonderful staff. They helped me learn about opening and closing lucrative deals, and the importance of timing when it comes to Forex trading. In the first week I gained a net profit of one thousand pounds and felt like I could fly.

My profit is improving every day and I learn a lot as I go. I can even work only from my mobile phone. During the second month my earnings reached a 5 digit number. That’s when I really felt like I could quit my day job and that life was finally smiling at me. I began to experience the true freedom that I craved and could immediately buy anything that I wanted without hesitation.

Rachel has finally achieved financial independence

My life changed completely and I am finally financially independent. Money is no longer an obstacle. I can buy what I want and I feel more reassured about the future of my children as well as mine.

Enough talking about me, what about you?

  • Register for free with one of the companies.
  • Make sure that all your data is correct one hundred percent.
  • Wait for a call from one of the staff members that will explain to you what investment opportunities are available.
  • My advice to you is to start now without delay. Life is short so do not lose this chance to become financially independent.”