Capturing Photos of Kate Middleton, The Gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge


Marrying a prince is every girl’s dream, right? Well, ever since her marriage to Prince William, Kate Middleton has become an internet obsession. She almost always looks beautiful and poised however, there are so many different photos showing how gorgeous she is, yet a few photographs that The Royal Family never wants you to see! Check out these photographs of The Duchess of Cambridge that will make your jaw drop!
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Is She Human?

There are so many nasty paparazzi out there trying to tare Kate down while we just can’t stop looking at her with admiration. She is so beautiful and she is going to be the future Queen of England! She looks as if it is her destiny since birth. Do you believe it is faith or just pure luck?

Best In Blue

Super stylish Kate shows us that she knows everything about blue blood. Her breathtaking dress matches perfectly her amazing personality. Just like the late Princess Diana, Kate Middleton is an absolute class act when it comes to charity.

Instagram / katemiddletonphotos

Heir Hair

It is true that Kate looks amazing and with her hair in loose, bouncy waves we all just charmed by her. But is this really what you expect of royalty? As we all know, the Queen once ordered the Duchess to chop off four inches of her hair…

The Face Of The Nation

Kate looks innocently humble, does she? And yet she somehow sparkles of sexuality which is the source of her exact royal charm. We can’t stop wondering, what is her secret? Any ideas?

Instagram / katemiddletonphotos
Instagram / katemiddletonphotos

Suede Clutch

Kate Middleton looked absolutely regal in this awesome outfit. And beyond her dazzling looks, it is the little things that caught our attention. Look how tied her perfectly coordinated look is with this red suede clutch by Miu Miu.

Paparazzi Attack

It’s not necessarily her fault that people with cameras are after her everywhere she goes, but if she’s aware of it, she should try to keep herself in tact!
A confused judge!

Sleeping Beauty

Kate Middleton looks totally tired in this photo while traveling in a London taxi. Could her pregnancy have something to do with this?
Kate looks so tired.

Real Goofy

The Duchess of Cambridge isn’t aware that a million people are always surrounding her. Her grumpy face is captured in the cameraman’s shot. Could it be that she smelled something bad?
Kate making a grumpy face, why?

Kid Kate

Remember when you used to go to the grocery store with your mom, hop on a kart and go for a ride? Well, it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge is still entertained while running errands
Kate enjoying her special ride.

Enjoying her life as a student

We all have done it! So has Kate Middleton during her college days at her St. Andrews University. But even though she enjoyed her youthful days, the Royal Family is not happy about these images of Kate clowning around now that she’s a duchess.
A student's life is care-free.

Dancing The Night Away

Looks like Kate is having a great time at the nightclub! And good for her. The only problem with this photo is that the duchess does not look regal and most of all, she’s not dancing with the prince!

Roller Disco

Kate is seen at the roller disco, but this photograph was clicked a few years before she became an internet sensation and rose to fame. Strange that she chose to wear such a trashy outfit!
All set for roller disco.

Duchess or Bond Girl?

This is definitely among the few photos that the Royal Family wants to just delete from the internet. Is it because of the racy water hose, her skimpy see-through bikini, or because there is a strange man staring at her body way too closely? We think it’s all of the above.
It is quite visible.

Easy & Breezy

Another formal event, another leggy photo! Kate Middleton just doesn’t seem to learn!
Too windy to handle her dress.

Kissing and Telling

Maybe she wasn’t with Prince William at the time this photo was being snapped. But that won’t stop her from trying to seize photos of her smooching another man!
The lipstick mark says a lot.

Supermodel Kate

She may not want these photos around anymore, but we all deserve to see them! Here is Kate back in the day in a trashy bikini look and hippie hair.

Is She Stuck?

Even Prince William seems embarrassed as Kate manages to get her heel stuck in the pavement at an important event. What next, Kate?

Shocked? So Are We

What must she have seen to pull such a ridiculous face? We have no idea, but seeing this made our faces exactly alike!

Pulling A Marilyn

This lady is constantly showing her underwear and more! Her stylist should really start considering pants…

Is She Nervous?

Oh, what was that? Is Kate trying to chew her own lip? Someone give this girl a sandwich!
Why is Kate chewing her lip?


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