Lydia Perez Found a Way to Do What She Loves and Make Some Extra Money During her Spare Time


I think that doing what you love is one of the greatest things in life. But what happens when your vocation doesn’t align with your financial needs? I sat down with Lydia Perez, who shared with me her solution to this common dilemma.

“Ever since I can remember myself I wanted to work with kids. I absolutely adore them and couldn’t believe I could actually get paid to spend time with them. I’ve worked as a nanny for many years and 10 years ago started working as a teacher’s assistant in one of the private preschools in my neighborhood.

I always wanted to work with children

This job really fulfilled me mentally but not so much financially. Quitting what I love doing was out of the question so I was looking for something that I could do during my spare time, that will be flexible, and pay well.

After researching on-and-off for nearly six months I decided to try and make some extra income through investing with Forex. My husband thought I was crazy because I was never a “financial person”,  but I liked the idea of working on the Internet from home and the possibility of converting little capital within days or even hours sometimes. After I read a lot about the Forex, foreign currency trading, on the Internet I have decided to register with one of the major companies.

Following my registration I got a call from their staff, that helped me learn about opening and closing lucrative deals, and the importance of timing when it comes to forex trading. In the first week I gained a net profit of one thousand dollars and felt like I am finally enjoying both worlds!

My profit is improving every day and I learn a lot as I go. I can even work only from my mobile phone. I haven’t become a millionaire, nor have I tried to, but I did manage to earn several extra thousand of dollars every month since.

I manage to earn several extra thousand of dollars every month.

My advice is to go little by little and risk only what you can afford. But once you get the hang of it, you can operate with this application and there is no reason for you not to succeed just like I have.

Enough talking about me, what about you?

  • Register for free with one of the major players.
  • Make sure that all your data is correct one hundred percent.
  • Wait for a call from one of their staff members that will explain to you what investment opportunities are available.
  • My advice to you is to start now without delay. Life is short so do not lose this chance to become financially independent.