Josh Carter Reveals the Secret that Banks and Financial Institutions are Trying to Hide


Navigating today’s market is something that I find both challenging and fascinating. I reached out to Josh Carter who took the time to share his story and point of view about getting by in an ever evolving economy. Check it out:

“For decades, the rich are getting richer while the rest of us are working paycheck to paycheck, that is if we’re lucky to have a job in the first place.

My father, who works for a large bank, told me that banks are doing everything they can to shut down online trading because it competes with them directly. They fear that people, instead of using their funds, will move to Online investments. The fact that Banks prefer to live at the expense of ordinary people simply infuriated me.

I am 32 years old, I come from a small neighborhood in the outskirts of Boston and after graduating from the Boston State College I found myself without work despite having an impeccable record. I was offered many things like working at the airport, restaurants, shops and even as an online customer service representative for an international brand.

I found myself without work despite having an impeccable record

My friends accepted these types of jobs but I refused to work an entire month for only 1,850 dollars.

Then, I found the mobile application “Mass Insights”. This application, operated by a well respected trading company (always do your research!), shows you all the information about the investment trends that are taking place.

It was very interesting to be able to see and finally understand what happens on the pages of the economy section. When I read the next day about whether Google share would go up, the euro fall or the fall of the pound sterling … I already knew that it would happen 1-2 days before.

So I decided to try and take advantage of this information, provided totally free by the application.

I haven’t become a millionaire yet, but I did manage to earn several extra thousand of dollars every month since.

If you follow the application’s news feed, you can begin to understand the market trends and gain the knowledge of an online financial broker which is valuable by itself.

I found the mobile application “Mass Insights”

My advice is to go little by little and risk only what you can afford. But once you get the hang of it, you can operate with this application and there is no reason for you not to succeed just like I have.

In addition, this company has a customer service center with professionals from all over the world. The company actually makes a profit when you succeed so they have a good incentive to help you as much as possible.”