How Former Teachers Now Earn Over $45,000 A Month Online


It was as recent as 2012 that Shane heard about ordinary people radically changing their lives through online businesses. Soon, he and his wife would be on their way to making the big bucks.


How much money were you making per month before your current business endeavors?

Shane: Before we started our online business, we were teachers. Jocelyn was an elementary school librarian. I was a social studies teacher. We just had normal jobs that didn’t pay a lot. They were good jobs for southeast Kentucky. I would say we probably, combined, brought home after taxes around $2,500 each. We had insurance and things like that through the school, so we didn’t have that expense necessarily. We probably brought home about $5,000 per month. That was a good, normal middle-class income here for southeast Kentucky. We had everything we needed, but sometimes the check would run out a little bit before payday. Sometimes it didn’t. It was a good life, we were thankful, and we were really blessed coasting along with that income.

It just absolutely floored me that you could make a living online and make that much money online.

How much money are you making now per month online?

Shane: Our online business has been an absolute windfall for us. It’s been incredible watching it grow. We make money now that I never even dreamed possible. That money does float at different times of the year. It’s somewhere usually between about $45,000 and $100,000 per month every single month. That’s what it has been for the last couple of years.

It’s just absolutely mind-blowing because we pretty much make as much or more now – every single month – than we did when we taught for an entire year of teaching.

How old are you and Jocelyn?

Shane: I am 38 years old and Jocelyn is 36 years old. We have been doing this now for four years. We started in 2012, and it’s now 2016. I was 34-ish when we started, and Jocelyn was 32-ish.

What kind of lifestyle do your current business endeavors enable you to live?

Shane: Our lifestyle, now, is so different than what it used to be. We basically had that 9-5 lifestyle. We didn’t travel a lot. We couldn’t afford it. We couldn’t go buy the things we just wanted. Didn’t do a lot on the weekends; stayed at the house, things like that.

Now, we have a surplus of money at all times. We have months and months of living expenses saved. We can just do the things that we want to do. We usually travel. About every month, we take off somewhere for a week. That might be just drive down to the mountains in east Tennessee, or it might be jumping on an airplane and running down to Disney World for a week – or a weekend even. A couple weeks ago, we just went out and paid cash, bought a $3,500 swing set for our kids, and stuck it out in the backyard – didn’t bat an eye. I know something like that we would’ve had to have either borrowed the money for, gotten that on a credit card, or would have tried to find something much less expensive when we were teachers.

It just allows us more peace of mind without having to worry about money as much and the stress of living paycheck to paycheck. It just frees up so much capacity in your brain to start thinking of other possibilities, other things. It’s really spiraling and building on itself like an avalanche now in our online business because we have all these things that we get to do.

We just have so much freedom now, not only just because of the money but because of the way that we work.

We have a full-time housekeeper, works for us 40 hours a week. She’s our personal assistant as well. We don’t have to clean the house. We don’t have to do anything like that. She goes grocery shopping for us. She goes and washes our cars, gases them up. She makes all of our appointments. Having a full-time employee to be able to do all those things for us is just mind-blowing. I used to mow my own grass. That’s how this whole online business thing started. I was listening to a podcast, riding my lawnmower. Now I pay somebody to take care of my lawn, do all the landscaping, and mow our grass. It’s just crazy.

Now, we get to spend tons of time with our kids. I took my little boy to the gym with me earlier. We just took our time; went for a walk outside and went in. I was teaching him how to lift weights. We get up every morning and get to chill and eat breakfast with our kids. I always notice when we go to school in the morning, Jocelyn and I always take the kids together. Very few cars have the mom and the dad in the car with the kids. I’m always the only dad at most of the school functions when we go volunteer, because we get to volunteer. A lot of dads are working and can’t do that. A lot of moms are working and can’t do that.

How did you discover these business ideas?

Shane: Through a series of events that happened with us and our kids. We really got fed up with this 9-5 lifestyle and working for dictator bosses that thought they controlled your whole life. You had to do their beck and call just to keep your job. I started searching for some kind of business that Jocelyn and I could run together. We had no idea, really, that people were even doing this online business thing. We knew you could make a living online, but we didn’t exactly know how all that worked.

I started online courses and stumbled across this one course that showed how he had made like $9,000 or so many thousand dollars online. Man, when I heard that it just floored me. It just absolutely floored me that you could make a living online and make that much money online.

We just have so much flexibility and total control over our time, and over our life.

Jocelyn and I, through a series of events, realized that this was real. This was possible. Jocelyn was very skeptical at first. She totally was like, “What are you talking about? This has to be a scam. There’s got to be something to this. We’ve got jobs; let’s just keep going.”

She basically finally got sick of it and said, “If you can prove it works, I’ll get in.” I went out and created some websites, made a little money online. The first money we ever made online was $0.11 off of a Google Ad click, but that $0.11 really made it real that we could create information and send it out into the world and people could send us money back.

We just have so much freedom now, not only just because of the money but because of the way that we work. Having an online business makes you completely location independent. Sometimes, if we want to run up to a doctor appointment in Lexington – a bigger city to the north of – we can just jump in the car, bring the computer, check our e-mail on the way, and handle a few things. We just have so much flexibility and total control over our time, and over our life. We did not have that. We were teachers. We literally couldn’t go to the bathroom until the bell rang, just like the kids.