10 Fairy Tales That Have Way Different Endings Than You’d Expect


Fairy tales have a reputation of being magical and enchanting, like the Disney movies they inspired, but what about the real stories? Written by the Brothers Grimm and other authors, fairy tales aren’t as clean and kid-friendly as you may think! In fact, you’d be surprised how these 10 fairy tales ended.

10. Snow White

Snow White isn’t asleep, she’s basically dead, having choked on an apple in the original version of this fairy tale classic. The prince thinks she’s lovely in her glass coffin and wants her moved to his castle. As the coffin is moved, the apple pops out and she’s alive. The wicked stepmother is punished for trying to kill Snow White by being forced to dance in a  pair of red-hot shoes until she dies.snowwhite

9. Sleeping Beauty

After pricking her finger on a spinning wheel, Sleeping Beauty falls asleep. It’s not by a kiss that she is awakened but by her twins after their birth. She was impregnated while sleeping, and the commotion finally awakes her. The prince and the babies’ father has a jealous mother who is an ogre, and tries to kill Sleeping Beauty and her twins to eat them.


8. The Little Mermaid

The mermaid in the fairy tale is nameless and unlike Ariel, is allowed to go to the surface after her 15th birthday, if she chooses. She falls for a handsome prince and goes to a sea witch for help. The sea witch agrees to help her become human. However, when she walks on land, it will feel like a thousand knives in her feet, and she must convince the prince to marry her. If she fails, she will die and become foam on the sea. Instead of using a magic singing spell, the witch physically cuts out the mermaid’s tongue, rendering her mute. The mermaid then is heartbroken because while the prince likes her, he has fallen in love with a girl who rescued him on land. To become a full mermaid again, she can kill the prince, but instead, the mermaid throws herself into the water to die, and her soul goes to heaven.

7. Little Red Riding Hood

You’re likely familiar with the story of Little Red Riding Hood, who, along with her grandmother, is saved from the wolf’s belly by the woodcutter. The real ending is much more gruesome, as the wolf simply eats up Little Red Riding Hood. In Italy, a story called Little Red Hat is similar, but features the wolf serving up pieces of the grandmother to the girl!

6. Rapunzel

Rapunzel is pregnant by the prince, even as she’s locked away in the tower. If that’s not enough, how’s this for different and strange? Rapunzel ends up belonging to the witch because her mother stole a herb to eat. After she’s pregnant, Rapunzel gives birth to her baby in a desert, and the prince attempts to commit suicide by leaping off the tower. The prince is blinded by his actions, and both he and Rapunzel wander the desert separately, eventually reuniting after several years. Her tears of joy restore his sight.rapunzel

5. Cinderella

Cinderella’s stepsisters really want that shoe, and they’ll do anything to have it. When the prince comes for the fitting, they cut off their heels in an attempt to fit the shoe, thinking they don’t have to walk when they’re royalty. You know the rest of the story..Cinderella’s foot fits the shoe, she marries the prince. But what of the stepsisters? Birds pluck out their eyes!

4. The Frog Prince

The frog prince isn’t lifted from his curse by a princess’ kiss in the original version, but instead she throws him against the wall in disgust. Can you imagine Disney animating the murder of an amphibian for this tale? Yeah, me either!

3. Rumplestilskin

After the queen guesses the little imp’s name, Rumpelstilskin doesn’t go running off into the night like some children’s books of fairy tales would have you believe. Instead he tears himself into two, essentially committing suicide.

2. Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel’s parents abandon them in the forest because they can no longer afford to feed them but most of all, they don’t want to. The wife says that they can leave them in the forest and be done with them. When the kids come back after killing the witch, the father is alive, and their mother is dead. There in their little house they live in peace and happiness with the riches they stole from the witch.

1. Beauty and the Beast

In the tale Beauty and the Beast, Belle (Beauty) has several sisters, and they plan to have her eaten by the beast. The original story also has a backstory for the beast, and the castle is more enchanted. But really the worst part is that the sisters of Beauty want her devoured by the beast. Enchanting, right?