Did You Know These Celebrities Did Commercial Voice Overs?


Studies show that nearly 36% of all television programming is commercials, which means we’re exposed to all kinds of ad spots throughout our daily TV watching. Celebrities have appeared in commercials for all kinds of products from automobiles to coffee makers, but did you ever realize that they’re the voice of commercials as well? Celebrities doing commercial voice overs equals big business, and here are 20 you might not know.

20. James Spader

Yes, that is Raymond Reddington imploring you to buy an Acura, with a suggestion that you might be in deep trouble if you refuse.vo20

19. Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm is very busy on the voice over circuit these days. After Mad Men, he’s figured out an easy way to make mad money. He’s contributed his voice to Mercedes-Benz and American Airlines.


18. Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis is the most recent celebrity voice over for Applebee’s. Former voice over work for the brand was done by Wanda Sykes and John Corbett.

17. Christian Slater

Christian Slater was hanging out doing voice overs for AutoTrader every time one of his TV pilots failed. Even though he finally has a successful show in Mr. Robot, Slater shouldn’t quit his day job because these voice overs are easy work.

16. Will Arnett

Bojack Horseman’s Will Arnett stays off camera for his work as the new voice of Bank of America. The former voice for the bank was Kiefer Sutherland.

15. Kevin Bacon

Buick is a big fan of the celebrity endorsement. Remember when they tried to convince you that young Tiger Woods drove a Buick? Kevin Bacon is one of Buick’s commercial voices.  He’s also done in-person commercials for bacon and eggs. No joke (yolk) here!VO15

14. Aaron Paul

Meanwhile, over at Cadillac, they decided that the guy who played entertaining meth head Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad could convince you to “buy a caddy, bitch!”

13. Helen Hunt

JP Morgan Chase ditched Stanley Tucci as their official voice in favor of Oscar-winner Helen Hunt, who probably made more as the voice of Chase than she did for As Good As It Gets.

12. John Krasinski

One of the first celeb voice overs that was immediately popular and recognizable was John Krasinski for the online insurance website, Esurance.

11. Claire Danes

Did American Express pick Claire Danes for this ad about their security features because they thought her alter ego, CI Agent Carrie, would make you feel safe? Perhaps!

10.Ving Rhames

Ving Rhames is the voice of Arby’s. They obviously wanted someone “beefed up” to sell you on their beefed up sandwiches. You know the guy who yells about “having the meat”? That’s him!

9. Kevin Connolly

Kevin Connolly was an annoying manager on the annoying show Entourage, so who better to provide voice work for the annoying big box store Best Buy?Gallery

8. Gary Sinese

Gary Sinese played a veteran Lt. Dan in the movie Forrest Gump and he has been there for veterans ever since. He’s the voice behind Army’s recent set of commercials. You can also hear his voice in an attraction at Disney World, Mission: Space.

7. Chris Pine

Chris Pine has a lot going on in Hollywood. In addition to playing Captain Kirk, he steals every movie he’s in. That’s why we’re pretty sure he got a lot of money AND a car to say a single line for BMW’s Super Bowl commercial.

6. Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen seems to have a lot of gravitas, maybe because he played the president on The West Wing, a reference that was recently made for Chrysler, when he co-starred in front of the camera with fellow fictional president Bill Pullman. In the Centrum ad he voiced, he just wants you to take your vitamins.

5. John Cusak

You may not realize it, but John Cusak, IS the voice of Chevrolet. They hired him to VO every single commercial they make, from Trucks to Malibus.VO5

4. Julianna Marguiles

The Good Wife star Juliana Marguiles’ work for Chase’s Freedom Accounts is so good she actually sounds like a professional voice over artist. Hopefully Chase waved that monthly account fee.

3. Brad Pitt

You may have heard Brad Pitt’s voice for Benjamin Moore Paint and figured it wasn’t really him. But he did the commercial for the company in exchange for their partnership in his organization, Make it Right, which helped rebuild New Orleans.

2. Donald Sutherland

You have to admit that Delta does a great job with its ads, using classic Aaron Copeland music and overlaying it with the serious voice of Donald Sutherland. If only their flights would be on time and your luggage made it to your destination, they would be golden.VO2

1.Dennis Leary

It sort of feels like Ford took one look at Cusak’s Chevy ads and said get us someone who is like Cusak but even snarkier. You can almost hear Leary wanting to crack a Ford v. Chevy joke while he narrates.