30 Zodiac Myths Most People Believe Are True!

For years, individuals have consulted their horoscopes for guidance. Horoscopes have been popularity since their beginning, when he first horoscope was published in 1930 when an astrologist made a few predictions based around then-newborn Princess Margaret’s birth chart. The column was positive, and soon horoscopes were all the rage in newspapers. People from all walks of life enjoy reading their horoscopes, either seriously or in fun, and some astrology websites receive millions of visitors each month. There are a number of popular Zodiac myths many believe, but did you know that they aren’t true? Here are 30 myths most believe about the Zodiac.

30. The Zodiac is Real

Many people give great weight to what “the stars say” about their personalities and lives. This is typically based on a misunderstanding about how birthdays relate to the stars. The Zodiac is not a physical reality, it is a mathematical division of the ecliptic.

29. Born on the “Cusp”

If you read about astrology long enough, you will discover that some people are born “on the cusp” at the end of one sign and beginning of another. This means you are basing personal characteristics on the position of the sun.


28. There is a 13th Sign

Some people interpret the constellations to include a 13th sign. This is based on the constellation Ophiuchus, which was originally excluded since the sun only spends 19 days in the sign. That hasn’t stopped recent Zodiac “experts” from concluding November 29 to December 17 is the new 13th sign, which throws off the other 12 signs.

27. It’s in the Stars

The idea of the stars influencing behavior of people on earth is a myth. The moon can influence tides; the sun has a major influence on weather patterns on earth. But constellations have no discernible role in human behavior.

26. The Stars are in a Fixed Position

The assumption behind much of the Zodiac is on the unchangeable position of the stars. But the constellations you got to know as kids move slightly over time. The stars are in constant motion, along with the sun.

25. That Totally Applies to Me!

One reason people often feel an affinity with newspaper horoscopes is due to the Forer Effect. Forer was a scientist who gave students identical horoscopes and asked them to rate their accuracy. Most students found their personalities correlated with the horoscope. This is because horoscopes use general phrases that easily seem to apply to many people. This later became known as the Barnum Effect, because of Barnum’s comment “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

24. My Horoscope is Usually Accurate

There is a psychological phenomenon that explains why it seems like your horoscope is usually correct. Selective bias causes you to remember the days the horoscope was right and forget about the times it was totally off.


23. Lots of People Believe It!

The fact that millions of people believe in astrology is probably not the best measure of whether the Zodiac has any basis in truth. At one time, people believed the best way to rid themselves of disease was by leeches. Many people believed that the women killed during the Salem Witch Trials were witches. Popularity does not equal truth.

22. Scorpios are the Sexiest Sign

Are Scorpios the sexiest sign in the Zodiac? People who are Scorpios certainly think so, and they aren’t reluctant to tell you all about it.

21. Scorpios are Ruled by Mars and Pluto

It sounds cool to be “ruled” by Mars and Pluto, but here’s a conundrum: what about Pluto’s fluctuating status as a planet or planetoid?

20. Scorpios are Intrigued by Darkness and They Hold a Grudge

Scorpios take pride in taking great interest in the dark side of the street, investigating dark magic, reading serial killer biographies and holding a grudge.

19. Scorpios are Vindictive, Cunning and Mean

Scorpios like talking about how vengeful they can be almost as much as they like explaining how sexy they are.

18. Pisces are Ruled by Their Emotions

The dreamy Pisces myth contends that intuitive Pisceans truly feel your pain. So much empathy, so little time!

17. Geminis Have Split Personalities

Geminis are unpredictable because they are the sign of the twins, and thus they experience duality. This gives Geminis the cover to do whatever they want, conveniently.

16. Geminis are Conflicted Between the Head and Heart

Geminis are supposedly conflicted deeply between what their heart wants and what their head logically says is best. The problem is the heart/head conflict applies to every human being ever.

15. Pisces are Creative

Pisces will say that being a water sign and the final sign of the Zodiac makes them creative and desirous of freedom. This is also a good excuse to rebel against structures of all kinds.

14. Virgos are Extremely Organized

Virgos are said to be practical and almost excessively organized. Does this apply to you, too?

13. Aries is Curious and Aggressive, Just Like the Ram!

Many Aries model themselves on the perceived characteristics of the ram. Thus they are said to be aggressive, curious, lively and stubborn. This could also mean they are goats.

12. A Taurus is Bullish and Patient

Like the Aries, the Taurus person claims to have a true affinity for the animal associated with their sign. Of course they say they are more stubborn and more patient, than Aries, mostly because…. bull have bigger horns?

11. If You’re a Cancer, You Are Brilliant

The mark of the Cancer sign is that you are brilliant and possess great intellect, which helps to explain your mood swings. The Cancer is the moody scientist to the Pisces’ moody artist.

10. A Leo is a Leader

Outgoing and possessing great leadership skills, a Leo is your loyal leader. Perhaps because of the sign’s association with the King of the Jungle, Leos are eager to be inside.

9. Virgos Will Figure It Out

Have a problem? Is there a mystery to be solved? If you know a Virgo, you are in luck, since the Virgo can claim to be a modern-day Nancy Drew.

8. Virgos are Perfectionists

They want everything to be perfect and if you don’t like it, you can just step-off!

7. For Sagittarius It’s Black or White

There are no shades of gray for a Sagittarian! Everything is black and white. This means Sagittarius often joins Pisces in the role of tortured artist.

6. Capricorns are Workaholics

Nobody is willing to work harder than Capricorns. They are disciplined, goal-oriented and have big dreams.

5. Aquarius is an Idealist

The Aquarius gives Pisces a run for their money in the dream-quotient. That’s because they are all about peace and love and their idealism knows no bounds.

4. Libras Set the Standards

Libras set the standards, because their standards are high! The Libra also appreciates beauty and minimalism, so no sloppy houses for them!

3. Libra Wants to Please Everyone

Despite their high standards, Librans want to please everyone and are willing to cause lots of chaos if necessary!

2. Astrologists Predict the Future

Many people believe astrology practitioners can predict the future. Ronald and Nancy Reagan consulted the charts daily and claim to have known something bad was going to happen on the day he was shot.


1. Mercury is in Retrograde

A few times a year, astrologists claim Mercury is “in retrograde,” which means it’s moving backwards and away from the earth. Scientifically this is just an optical illusion, since the planet’s rotation is simply slowing down, not leaving us behind. But that doesn’t stop people from freaking out about Mercury in retrograde, changing their actions and blaming Mercury for everything bad that happens.