21 Celebrity Smokers That Will Surprise You!


Most celebrities try to hide their smoking habits from the public, as they believe it will give them a bad image. Well, we have gone undercover to reveal those celebrity smokers you least expected. Here is a list of 22 celebrities who smoke to such an extent that it will leave you amazed!

celebs smoking


With a Net Worth of over $75 million, this talented singer, Adele, openly admits that she smokes. Moreover she also says that it is due to this habit that she has got such a unique tone and sings so well. Well, we shouldn’t complain because we all love her voice so much.

Jennifer Lopez

This picture of Jennifer Lopez will definitely amaze you. Yes, she is 45 in this picture, she definitely doesn’t look like it! She is admired for her young, glowing skin and a perfect body. But we spotted her smoking in NYC, surprising, isn’t it? If she keeps up the habit, she won’t be able to keep her skin glowing much longer.
celebs smoking

Katy Perry

Katty Perry has openly accepted her addiction for smoking cigarettes, for the last 8 years. However, despite some rumors, at an interview with Rolling Stone, she firmly denied smoking weed. She also admits that since her divorce to Russel Brand, her addiction to cigarettes has gotten worse.

celebs smoking

Mary Kate Olsen

If you were a fan since you were very young, try not to be too disappointed by the news. Mary Kate Olsen is frequently since smoking on the streets of  New York, where she lives. It was probably hard to avoid since in New York almost every other person smokes.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is part of the smoking club, and has been caught smoking on occasion, although not as regularly as others. His beautiful wife, Angelina Jolie did all that she could to get him to quit, but it didn’t help much.

celebs smoking

Kate Hudson

Like mother like daughter, Kate Hudson is also addicted to smoking. Even though she can win hearts with just a smile on her face, this American Sweetheart has no control over her smoking habit!

celebs smoking

January Jones

January Jones, well known star from Madmen, admits that is where she picked up the habit of smoking.  Blame it on the show where all the characters are also smoking every now and then. The most shocking part is that she is so addicted that she was even caught smoking during her pregnancy. That is not okay, January!

celebs smoking

Lindsay Lohan

Not surprising at all, Lindsay Lohan is a regular smoker and this habit continues to increase with each passing day! But we all know this isn’t her only addiction, and especially not her worse addiction.

celebs smoking

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell bluntly agreed that he smokes often. His blunt honesty has left us astonished. Not just we, but even his friends and family members are intimidated by his open statement!

celebs smoking

Mila Kunis

Yes, you saw Mila Kunis smoking. Surprised? So were we. This newly married celebrity denies that she is a regular smoker, but we cannot believe her words as there are so many pictures around showing her love for smoking.

celebs smoking

Gwyneth Paltrow

Are you shocked too? Even we were, when we saw Gwyneth smoking. She says that she smoked just one cigarette a week, as it helps her relax, but we are not sure if we believe her…

Kate Bosworth

It is quite surprising to know that Kate Bosworth, who normally plays the girl next door kind of roles, smokes regularly. Well her fit physique doesn’t allow us to believe that she is a smoker.

Jessica Alba

Former actress and today a successful business woman lights up to keep her stress away. Although not regularly, Jessica says she lights up once a while when the stress is too much to handle. Sounds like a lot of celebrities use this excuse.

Keira Knightley

Keira thinks that smoking is sexy and we can’t deny it when it applies to her. However, if we consider the health risks associated with smoking, sexy would be out of our mind. Think again, Keira.

celebs smoking


Ever since her twenties, Rihanna has got the bad habit of smoking. However, at 26, she said that she will cut back on her habit. Best of luck Rihanna!

Elijah Wood

Innocent looking Elijah has won the hearts of his audience for quite some time now! But it was really surprising to know that he smokes cigarettes on a regular basis.

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten is always been tagged as Hollywood’s good girl. But recently we heard that she gets somewhat wild and smokes often. Or is it just to show us that she is no longer the good girl of Hollywood?

celebs smoking

Sarah Jessica Parker

The famous star of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker, is presently struggling with her addiction to nicotine. Though she kicked this habit when she was expecting, but again fell to her addiction and is smoking regularly!

celebs smoking


A hardcore fitness freak, Pink is surprisingly a smoker. Does she smoke because she is committed to her fitness regime? It is unbelievable that such dedicated person like Pink could fall for smoking.

Katherine Heigl

Spotted. Though none of her characters smoke, Katherine does. Several years ago, to help her quit this addiction, she has started smoking electronic cigarette. Hope it helps her.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus started smoking at quite a young age, when she was just a teenager, and still continues to smoke today. None of us are that surprised! However, she tweeted that she will not smoke for 2 months and we wholeheartedly support her decision.

celebs smoking

Hayden Panettiere

Yet another surprising fact that Hayden Panettiere is a smoker too. Her healthy body and skin speak about her healthy lifestyle, but from where did she pick up this unhealthy habit of smoking?

celebs smoking

Lily Allen

We knew she “used” to be a party girl but this songbird has calmed down since becoming a mother. We guess there are some habits that are just too hard to let go of.

celebs smoking

Nicole Richie

Another mother with a bad habit, Nicole Richie is a long-time smoker who’s not planning on quitting! She sure hides it well from the paparazzi!

Ben Affleck

This is one surprise we didn’t know about! Ben Affleck is one Hollywood smoker that knows how to hide it well! We wonder if he managed to conceal it from his daughters too.

Jude Law

The UK’s bad boy is no stranger to temptation, so of course we’d catch him as a bloke with a smoke.

celebs smoking

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter, in flesh and blood, smoking a cigarette. We are appalled. But we’ll get over it.

Melanie Griffith

This famous actress is caught with a cigarette in her hand while shopping in Beverly Hills. We think she looks a little too classy to be surrounded by a cloud of smoke.


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