20 Things You Can Only Appreciate If You Grew Up in the 90’s

Love the 90s and all it has to offer? Check out our top 20 that takes us back down to memory lane… with a smile!

20. Dear Diary

In the 90’s, the company Tiger Electronics reigned supreme. They were the makers of Dear Diary, an electronic diary that offers a horoscope, a calculator and much more. You could store wishes too and all of your information is pass-locked with your secret password.



19. Talkboy

After seeing Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, every 90’s kid wanted a Talkboy. It was a voice changer and cassette player/recorder that would provide hours of fun for kids and hours of annoyance for their parents.

18. Game Gear

Sega brought out their Game Gear, a Game Boy challenger in the 1990’s. Featuring a color screen, it was a step-up from the black-and-white screen offered by Nintendo. A full range of games made it worth purchasing, as did the TV Tuner and Game Genie accessories.

17. Mickey Mouse Club

The 1990’s kid would often see this show on the Disney Channel, which featured several big stars before their time. Yes, that’s Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera.

16. Cereals Based on Movies

In the 1990’s, cereal companies and movie studios would frequently collaborate on a new cereal based on the property. Besides TV show-based cereal Urkel-os, you would often see things like this Addams Family Cereal.90-16

15. Mall Madness

Strangely enough, Milton Bradley thought that making a board game to encourage financial instability was a genius move. The game was Mall Madness, and featured a mall layout, and players would go shopping. The game was introduced in the 1980’s, but underwent a redesign to be “electronic” in the 1990’s.

14. McDonalds Buddies

McDonalds has had many notable mascots, but you might not remember the Buddies. The buddies were animated versions of the McNuggets, each with its own name and personality. They were repeatedly made into toys that came with interchangeable outfits.

13.  HitClips

HitClips were little memory cards that held a 1 minute song. 90’s kids could play them in little HitClip stereos or mini-players for …well, a minute. They were first used by McDonalds as a promotional item, and then they were popular in 1999.

12. Geocities Webpages

Geocities was the website builder of the 1990’s. Most every website around looked much like this, with animated “under construction” GIFs, bright font, and animated cursors.

11. The Heart of the Ocean

After many a 90’s girl fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, they all wanted the Heart of the Ocean necklace like in the film. The necklace was made by the J. Peterman Company, and many costume jewelry companies.

10. Grunge

The 1990’s were a time of ripped jeans, plaid shirts, and leather, all that would add up to a fashion style known as “grunge.” Joey Lawrence from Blossom was popular TV icon who wore grunge.90-10

9. HyperColor TV Shirts

These shirts would change color when you touched them! The secret was that it responded to your body’s heat. After you washed the shirt, it would often get stuck in its color changing, so then it looked lame.

8. The Baby-Sitters Club

Who can forget these group of friends who started a baby-sitting club, but ended up literally traveling the world? The books grew in popularity in the 1990’s, with a movie, a CD, and even dolls, available.

7. Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi was a clear caffeine-free version of Pepsi that offered a fresh tangy taste, much like a Sprite. It only lasted a year in America, but fans still demand its return today. The soda was sold for a longer period overseas. Coca Cold tried to capitalize in on the Crystal Pepsi trend with their own, Tab Clear.

6. Gak

GAK was a gooey slime made by Mattel and Nickelodeon. The toy came in all kinds of variations, such as Solar Gak, Gak in the Dark, and Smell-My-Gak. All of the Gak versions would make a flatulence sound when squeezed into the canister.

5. Nick VHS

Nickelodeon released several of its shows on VHS in the 1990’s, and many of the tapes had a defining characteristic: They were orange!  You’d often see bonus content on the VHS as well, as the studio would include music videos and other content.

4. Disney Adventures

Disney shared news, comics, and behind-the-scene content 10 times a year with their now defunct Disney Adventures magazine. Each issue would feature an animated character and a celebrity of the time. A Disney fan in the 1990’s couldn’t wait to get the newest issue from the mailbox.

3. 90’s Screensavers

As many households now owned a personal computer, the 1990’s technology revolution included screensavers that were cutting-edge for the time. These screensavers included a maze of brick walls, a motif that would be later repeated in the PC game title Doom.

2. Pogs

Dogs were cardboard round discs that featured characters, illustrations, and other  images. You would stack up the pogs, then throw your “slammer” (a heavier pog) to see what pogs would land face-up.

1. Clarissa Explains It All

There were many 90’s shows on Nickelodeon, but one of the most beloved is Clarissa Explains It All. The show featured Clarissa, her amazing bedroom, her crazy family, and her friend, Sam. The show mainly took place in the household, and had Clarissa talking to the camera as she went through typical teen girl drama.