20 Richest People Throughout History


Although there is a plentiful amount of filthy rich people alive in the world today, the wealthiest of them all are scattered throughout history. From an English Earl from the 1300s to computer tycoon Bill Gates, this list of the 20 estimated richest people recorded in history will surprise you.

Wealth amounts expressed in our list are estimations adjusted for inflation compiled from a combination of reports from My First Class Life magazine and Business Insider. Honorable mentions include Ghenghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire and owner of most of Asia, and the Rothchild family.

20. Jay Gould — $71.2 Billion

Railroads were the name of this American businessman’s game during the 1800s. Jason “Jay” Gould is the ninth richest U.S. citizen in history, although Conde Nast Portfolio ranks him as the eighth worst U.S. citizen CEO in history. Still, Gould helped save his father-in-law’s railroad investments in 1857 and went on to continue work in the railroad business and making quite a sum of money in the process.


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