20 Reasons Why You Should Date A Geek


If you’ve grown tired of dating and you’re ready to call it quits, you may want to take a look at this article. You lack of luck in dating may be due to the type of guy your chasing. If you’ve never dated a geek, you may want to reconsider, for the following reasons…

1. Geeks don’t play mind games

Geeks will play Minecraft until the wee hours of the morning, but they won’t try to play mind games with you. When it comes to relationships, these guys are straightforward.



2. Geeks are appreciative

Geeks have often been on the receiving end of bullying. When you choose to date a geek, he will be grateful that you saw something special in him. Having a guy who appreciates you makes all the difference in a relationship, so this is a plus.

3. Geeks are problem solvers

Geeks love a challenge, and when it comes to a problem, they’re hardwired to seek after solutions. A geek will enthusiastically approach a problem in your relationship and won’t give up until it’s resolved.

4. Geeks are weird, so you don’t have to worry about hiding your weird quirks

Do you like to practice talking in foreign accents? You won’t have to worry about being judged for your weird habits if you date a geek, since his room is decorated with Star Wars memorabilia.

5. Geeks are happy with who they are

Geeks are content with themselves and they don’t worry about trying to change who they are to impress others. Such a self-assured person is a really attractive quality. Not to mention, such a person isn’t going to try to change you.

6. Geeks could could care less about sports

Geeks don’t care much for sports. Given their inherent interest for intellectual stuff, it’s not surprising they would rather spend their time devoting themselves to something other than sports. This is great news for those who don’t want to listen to every commentator recap the latest football game, or find your guy disappearing on you during the next sports tournament.

7. Geeks are curious

Geeks are by nature inquisitive and curious. They want to know how the world works and they love learn new things. When it comes to a relationship, a geek will never stop trying to figure you out. He will always want to learn more about you. Unlike other guys, you’ll never have to worry about him getting bored because he will always see that there is more to unlock in your relationship.


8. Geeks love technology

A geek thrives off learning about the new and latest trends, so you’ll never have to worry about being out of touch with the world. Dating a geek will give you access to a plethora of gadgets and technology.

9. Geeks like to be best at things

Geeks are borderline perfectionists. They strive to be thorough. Geeks will do their research and figure out the best way to approach a situation, and the same goes for your relationship. He will try to be the best he can.

10. Geeks are committed

Geeks are a loyal and committed breed. When they fall in love with something, be it a comic book series, a sci-fi fantasy show, or a gaming portal, geeks will be die-hard fans for life. That is exactly the level of commitment you want in a partner.

11. Geeks are authentic

Geeks don’t get caught up with be trendy and they don’t worry about being liked. They are true to themselves, even if it means being stigmatized. They’d rather be themselves, even if it is unpopular, than pretend to be something else just to be approved by others. They pursue their passions with dedication.

12. Geeks are successful

When most guys are out there partying and worrying about hooking up with girls, geeks are filling their minds with things that make a difference. This will go a long way in their professional careers and if you want a partner who is successful, a geek will surely fit the bill.

13. Geeks are sweet & sensitive

Geeks are more sensitive than the average guy because they know what it’s like to have endured years of being chastised by their peers. They know what it’s like for others to give them a hard time and their hearts are bigger for it. Geeks will to listen to you with understanding and will be a great shoulder to cry on.

14. Geeks are being recognized

It’s no longer a secret that the mainstream population now holds a new viewpoint regarding the place a geek plays in society. Gone are the days when it was all about the jock. We live in the digital age and our values are revolving more around technology now. Bring on the future Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerbergs – we want to date them!

15. Geeks are intelligent

Geeks hold a wealth of information and are able to recall it at any given time. Geeks aren’t bragging when they say intelligence is their greatest strength. And if there is something they don’t know, they want to learn it. Hanging around with a geek will ensure you learn new things all the time.

16. Geeks are influencing our fashions

Geek chic has made its way into our culture, and we are thankful. Geek style is unique, and its refreshing to see trendsetters going with the motto that “smart is sexy”. We hope the trend is here to stay.

17. Geeks are passionate

Geeks can be obsessively devoted to the things they are passionate about. Notice how much time they spend reading about computer programming code or re-watching their favorite sci-fi movies? Geeks are passionate to a fault, and they will give all their time, and dedicate all of their efforts to the thing that has captured their hearts. When it comes to a relationship, this passion can’t be matched.


18. Geeks are resourceful

Another bonus to the geek is that they are extremely adapt at amassing a variety of solutions and resources. If you find yourself in need of help, a geek can give you ten different options that will solve your problem. Geeks spend hours scouring the internet collecting information, waiting for a time when their efforts will be useful. If you date a geek you’ll have yourself tech-age hero.

19. Geeks pay attention to details

Geeks are attentive to details and one of their best skills is their ability to recall important days such as birthdays and anniversaries. Its part of their wiring for holding information. Nothing goes unnoticed or gets past them.

20. Single & Available

In the past, geeks have gotten a bad rap in the dating world, but the good news for us is that there are lots of great geeks out there who want a serious relationship but they just don’t have the confidence or the time to go for girls they like.

If you meet a geek, go for it, because otherwise you might miss out!