Pop Culture Oriented Baby Names


Every now and then pop culture inspires people in ways that maybe it shouldn’t. Take baby names for example. In the 90’s there was an influx of little Mariah’s and Britney’s running around. These days we have Dexter’s (maybe we shouldn’t let serial killers inspire our baby name choices) and Khaleesi’s (Dany might have been a better option for that particular character). Here are some of the most popular pop culture oriented names. If you are name hunting for your new little one, you might want to do yourself a favor and skip most of these!

20. Beyoncé

There is a reason they call her the queen bee! It only seems fitting that Beyoncé would inspire parents to name their little girls after the pop diva.

19. Gatsby

With the recent film that came out in 2013, this turn-of-the-century name has surged back into popularity with parents across the United States.


18. Quinn

It may have started as a name trend thanks to Quinn from Glee, but thanks to Scandal, Quinn has maintained popularity as a baby name for both boys and girls!

17. Beckett

It may seem a little unusual, but this name was originally brought back into popularity by celebrities like Melissa Etheridge and Conan O’Brien.  Though it is typically given to boys, Beckett has maintained popularity thanks to the female counterpart on the hit television show, Castle.

16. Channing

We owe the popularity of this name to the gorgeous and charming Channing Tatum. The more popular Tatum becomes the more parents seem to want to name their little ones after him!

15. Dexter

Although the hit Showtime television series, Dexter, ended in 2013, it hasn’t stopped the popularity of this adorable baby name.

14. Meredith

We have spent 12 seasons with the hit ABC drama, Grey’s Anatomy, but that has not seemed to slow down the popularity of this baby name for little girls. We predict that in 20 years the medical field will be crawling with Dr. Merediths.

13. Daryl

Daryl Dixon is a beloved fan favorite on the hit AMC television series, The Walking Dead, so it is no surprise that he is inspired thousands of parents to name their children after him.

12. Annalise

Shonda Rhimes has a way of inspiring baby names with her popular protagonists.  This is just the latest thanks to the popularity of How to Get Away with Murder, and Viola Davis’ award-win has just encouraged more people to name their kids Annalise.
Annalise Keating

11. Jax

This name has been popular for years thanks to General Hospital, but it swelled to popularity recently thanks to the hit television series Sons of Anarchy.

10. Damon

Fans of the book and television series, The Vampire Diaries, have been naming their little boys this name, inspired by bad boy Damon Salvatore, in droves.

9. Arya/Aria

Personally, we believe the majority of credit should go to Game of Thrones character, Arya Stark, who is a fan favorite. However, we cannot discount the popularity of Aria from Pretty Little Liars, either.
Arya Stark

8. Archer

Though some parents seem to think that this name is a really cool choice for their sons, after the hit cartoon comedy of the same name, we really wonder if they thought this through!

7. Piper

This baby name was already gaining popularity when Orange is the New Black debuted a few years ago. However, the show’s popularity has certainly made it one of the most popular names for little girls in recent years.

6. Loki

Before he was an Avenger, he was an important figure in Norse mythology.  As such, we are certain that this is not the first time Loki has been a popular baby name.

5. Elsa

While we definitely think these parents need to ‘Let it go’ more than a few parents were inspired by the instant Disney classic Frozen to name their babies Elsa!

4. Maisie

This is the second name that British actress, Maisie Williams has inspired on the list. The Game of Thrones star has had thousands of little girls named after her and her fictional counterpart, Arya Stark.

3. Tyrion

He’s the bad ass dwarf from Game of Thrones, and the closest thing the show has to a hero. It is no wonder that he has inspired many parents to name their sons Tyrion.

2. Katniss

We wonder how long this name will remain popular now that the movie franchise is over. However, thousands of little girls owe thanks to Jennifer Lawrence for this name.

1. Khaleesi

This has to be the most ridiculous name on our list, however we can’t keep it off considering it was inspired by the mother of dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen! The Game of Thrones beauty is as popular as Tyrion, although we wonder how grateful those named after her will feel a few years down the road.