People Who Got Revenge On Their Cheating Partners


These people who found out their partner cheated on them decided to have their revenge in the worst, most creative and most deserving way ever. Let this be a warning to all cheats out there. You will be caught, and when you are, you will regret it. These revenges are so funny it will make you cry with laughter!

1. Cheating Husband Poster


Linnie was so greedy that cheating on his wife with just one woman wasn’t enough, he thought it would be okay to cheat on her with both Luann and Vivian. All this while his poor wife was at home looking after his sick mother! He definitely deserved to be shamed like this.

2. Axed Car


Any woman who can use axes on a car like that does not seem like the type of woman you would want to mess with, and definitely not the type of woman you would dare to cheat on. This guy however thought he would get away with it. His car damage taught him otherwise. We would be scared if we were him.

3. Car Hit Sale


This woman decided to be creative with her revenge. She realised it wasn’t enough for just her to hit her cheating boyfriends car. She set up a ‘2 hits for $1’ sale which I’m sure she enjoyed watching, as well as letting other people enjoy taking part of her anger. And who knows, maybe she made some money while she was at it as well.

4. Lost Dog Sign


This man whose girlfriend cheated on him got his revenge by posting this sign all over the town where she lives, and where all the people who knew her live also. She must have been so embarrassed. That’s what you get when you cheat!

5. Graffiti Destroys House and Car


While others are satisfied with destroying their partners car, this guy thought it wasn’t enough. He used black graffiti to write all over her house and car so that everyone in the neighbourhood would know that she is a cheating woman, or some other words that he used to describe her.

6. Newspaper Announcement

hqdefaultThis lady took a different approach to her revenge. Instead of doing something angry like destroying her cheating husband’s car, she put an announcement in the newspaper letting absolutely everyone know that her cheating husband is having a baby with the woman he is cheating with. Genius!

7. Sorry You Missed The Game


This cheating (EX) boyfriend had to stay at home and watch the game from the couch instead of live. For anyone who loves sports, they will know that this is a huge punishment for him. And if that’s not bad enough, he probably had to see his girlfriend with this sign on TV when he was watching the game. Serves him right.

8. Cleaned Out The Bank


This wife chose the best way to let her husband know that her and the kids are leaving him and that they have taken all his money with them. Good luck trying to sell your car with that graffiti on the back.

9. All Your Stuff Destroyed

Imagine this guy’s surprise when he went home only to discover that all of his things were destroyed outside and that his car was completely covered in graffiti. He must have been so mad! He probably deserved it, we hope he learnt his lesson from this.

10. Forever Tattooed


This girl will probably never be able to show her back in public again, and will have to remember her cheating acts every day for the rest of her life. Imagine having to explain a tattoo like this to your kids. No wonder she is suing!

11. Billboard To A Cheating Ryan


We are pretty sure Helen got not only Ryan’s attention but everyone’s attention. We are sure that everyone who knows Ryan will now also know that he is a cheat and that his wife wants to divorce him. There’s also people who probably found out before him.

12. Wearing The Shame


This guy decided to face up to his punishment and agreed to get what he deserved. He had to stand in the middle of a crowded highway while everyone saw this sign he was wearing. We wonder whether or not this punishment was bad enough for his girlfriend to take him back after.

13. Free Clothes For All


This man decided to revenge his girlfriend by giving away all of her clothes, to anyone who is willing to take it. We can’t even imagine her reaction when she found out that all of her clothes were gone, and she would have to buy a completely new wardrobe.

14. Both Your Girlfriends


These two girls got together to revenge the man they both thought were seeing them exclusively. Instead of hating each other, they decided to put all their anger towards the man who deserved it, Steve Frazer. Sounds like you are single now Steve.

15. Divorce Sale


This angry wife decided to get revenge on her cheating husband by selling all of her husband’s most valuable things. From the sound of it, you could probably get a pretty good deal at this sale. Whatever wasn’t sold this woman simply had the please of burning. What a great revenge!

16. Sarcasm Revenge


There most deserving birthday present to a cheating boyfriend is gratifying his car with a happy birthday message. This girl is so sarcastic and we bet the guy was both mad and embarrassed. Next time he’ll be thinking twice before he cheats.

17. Why We Are Selling Our House


This ‘House For Sale’ sign came along with an explanation of why they are selling the house. And of course, it is the cheating husband’s fault. As if it wasn’t bad enough that this man thought he could cheat on his wife, he also left his family to be with this ’22 year old’ that he cheated with. How rude!


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