Parents Who Seriously Hate the Elf on a Shelf

Ah, the Elf on a Shelf, likely invented because telling children to be good for goodness’ sake or because Santa is watching isn’t enough. Now have to tell them that a magical elf is Santa’s “scout,” sent to be the eyes and ears of Santa, and will visit the North Pole to tell Santa how good or bad they are. A little creepy, right? Kids love this thing, but a lot of parents really hate that freaking elf and I’ve got the pictures to prove it! Here are 20 parents who are tired of placing that elf in “fun new spots” each night.

20. They’re Not Hung Up on the Elf

I hope the parents took this down before the kids saw, but wow! They really hate that elf. Maybe they just told the kids the elf was into auto-erotic asphyxiation, ala David Carradine. 

19. Its a Dog Eat Elf World

What do you want to bet that the elf was covered in meat juices and left out for the dogs? My suspicions run pretty deep on this one. 


18. Elf’s Travels

The Lilliputians, aka the Lego mini figs of the home have taken charge, and put the elf on rope. Smart move. The mini figs are way cooler!

17. He Knows When You’re Sleeping, But He Can’t Say a Word

The elf has a habit of snitching to Santa and the military men had about enough of that.

16. Snowman Swirl

The superior Abominable snowman from Rudolph gave a swirl to the elf, and nobody was upset, and everyone thought it was hilarious. The end.

15. Blending the Elves

There was this elf who was about to get a whirlwind trip to the North Pole… or to the garbage can.

14. Burn Elf Burn

Hans Solo and the other popular action figures aren’t taking too kindly to the elf’s starring role in the house. 

13. Here Kitty Kitty

Kitty’s got claws, and that’s what mom is counting on, as she’s made it very easy for the kitty to just dispose of the elf by any means necessary.

12. Crime Scene Elf

The elf did it to himself, no lie, officer.

11. The Elf’s Getting Heated

Maybe a little time in a hot box will teach you not to be so darn creepy, elf.

10. Holiday BBQ

Elves roasting on the fire, Jack Frost sharpening his knife, Yuletide choirs sung as the Snowman takes his life..

9. Off with His Head

One parent finally got driven to the brink… You can guess the rest.

8. Yule Log, You’ll Die Elf

“The elf is getting nice and toasty in front of fire. Soon he’ll catch in flames and we’ll all be free! Free I tell you!” This is the inner monologue I imagine for these parents.

7. A Christmas Sleigh

Michael Meyers is tired of waiting until next Halloween to get his fill of murder fulfilled, so he’s moved up the occasion. First target? The elf. And nobody was complaining, not even the parents. Especially the parents. 

6. Grinch Does Good

I’d say my love grew two sizes larger today seeing this picture of the elf all tucked away inside the fridge.

5. Sew Long

The elf has quite a knack for sewing…his own body parts off. Keep going, elf!

4. Bathing the Elf

I’m going to assume that’s water from a hose, and not something else. Either way, this elf is getting it. 

3. Hating the Elf to Infinity and Beyond

The elf just wouldn’t shut up, so Buzz had to silence him. I’d rather hear Buzz’s catchphrase on a loop than look at the elf for one more second.

2. Elf on a Soap

Soap on a rope? Nope, elf on a soap. I like to imagine this is an homage to Fight Club. 

1. Godfathered

What did My Little Pony ever do to you?