20 of Your Favorite Movies Getting a Sequel, Remake and Reboot


It seems like every week a new movie sequel or reboot is announced. A Labyrinth reboot, a continuation of the story, was recently announced, with plans to continue with the project even after David Bowie’s death. There are (so far) a reported 155 sequel movies in the works, plus even more reboots and remakes, and here are 20 you might not know.

20. Road House

Fighting champion Rhonda Rousey will star in a reboot of the Patrick Swayze punch-fest movie Road House. Rousey will play Swayze’s role, and was hesitant to do so until she reached out Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi, for her support. Niemi gave her the go-ahead and production is soon underway.sequel20


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