20 of the Weirdest Collections Ever!


Many people have collections, such as books by their favorite authors or maybe vinyl toys. Collecting things is a way to display your interests, and can be a fun hobby. Everyone has something they like to collect, but these are some of the most interesting and strangest collections ever!

20. Trolls

No, Sherry Groom of Ohio is not collecting internet jerks, though she probably would if she saw the typical Twitter comment about her collection. Groom set a world record of 2,990 unique troll dolls in 2012. She now has over 3,500 dolls.collect20

19. Toenails

Be sure to prep your gag reflex when looking at Atlantic PATH’s massive collection of more than 30,000 toenail clippings. PATH collected the samples from thousands of people in order to test factors that lead them to disease pathology.


18. Vomit Bags

Looking for another vomit-inducing collection? Look no further than Niek Vermeulen’s massive collection of barf bags from the airlines. The Dutchman has 6,290 airsick bags from 1,191 different airlines, representing almost 200 countries.

17. Daleks

It should come as no surprise to nerds that there’s a competition for who can collect the most Daleks. Rob Hull is the winner, with more 1,202 Daleks. The surprising thing is that this guy doesn’t even watch Dr. Who. Whovians everywhere boo.collect17

16. Talking Clocks

Amherst, Ohio’s Mark McKinley has the world’s largest collection of talking clocks. He has more than 952 clocks, which he sets at different times throughout the day so that he can enjoy them all fully.

15. Traffic Cones

It only took 137 different traffic cones for David Morgan of the UK to enter Guinness as the world record holder. Unlike the Dalek competition, there aren’t a lot of traffic school nerds amped up to grab some orange cones.collect15

14. Dice

Kevin Cook probably doesn’t even have the phrase “no dice” in his vocabulary, since he set the record for most dice, collecting more than 11,097 unique dice to set the record. Now he’s got more than 50,000 dice and a website to boot!

13. Toothbrushes

Leave it to a dentist to collect toothbrushes. Dr.  Grigori Fleicher from Russia has a collection of 1,320 different toothbrushes.

12. Do Not Disturb Signs

Jean-François Vernetti from Switzerland emphatically does not want to be disturbed. The big guy has collected 11,111 different ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs from hotels in 189 countries.collect12

11. Flamingos

Sherry Knight was pleased to set the world record for flamingo-related items. The Floridian, who works at a thrift store which supports a shelter, wants her 619 Flamingo items to attract attention to the plight of homeless people.

10. Joker Cards

The joke is not on Tony De Santis, an Italian magician, who happens to own the biggest collection of Joker playing cards. His collection includes 8,520 unique cards, many of which have been featured in Joker-related art exhibitions.

9. Dalmatians

Karen Ferrier is either a very obsessed fan of dalmatian dogs, or a real life Cruella de Ville. You decide! Ferrier collected more than 3,500 items for 17 years, including her specially painted Ford Fiesta.

8. Pokemon

To have the largest Pokemon collection in the world, you have to live it, which is just what Japan’s Pikabellechu says she does. Her Guinness world record for having the largest Pokemon collection has made her a bona fide expert in the ways of the Pokemon.

7. Navel Lint

Got that barf bag ready again? Graham Barker has the title of “world’s biggest collector of navel lint.” Barker spent 20 years putting navel fluff in jars, and if that doesn’t make you a collector of airline sick bags, you have a stronger stomach than I do.collect7

6. Cuffs

This collection is either kinky or police-related, depending on your point of view. Joseph Lauher collects leg irons, thumb cuffs, nippers and any kind of vintage cuff you can image. They’re all on his website, handcuffs.org.

5. Toilet Seats

Barney Smith’s toilet seat collection isn’t just a bunch of toilet lids. Instead the Texas artist has made each one very decorative, having completed more than 700 ornately decorated lids for your commode pleasures.

4. Sugar Packets

Phil Miller is an expert in the sweeter side of life, having collected packets of sugar as well as sugar cube wrappers. He started in 1978 with sugar featuring presidential busts and has extended his collection from there.

3. Burnt Food

Harpist Deborah Henson Conant started the Burnt Food Museum after taking a phone call after putting on a pot of hot cider. When she returned, it was burned, becoming the first exhibit – “Free Standing Hot Apple Cider.” Everything from quiche to pizza to baked potatoes is now on display.

2. Hair

It may be a hairy situation for some people, but John Reznikoff is more than happy to be surrounded by the hair of famous people. He has more hair from famous folks than anyone ever, including Edgar Allan Poe, Albert Einstein, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Abe Lincoln.


No, this is not a joke. Iceland’s Sigurdur Hjartarson opened his very own Penis Museum in order to display his uniquely endowed collection: 143 penises from 41 different mammals. Now he needs one last donation – can you guess what is it?