20 Most Spectacular Forests in the World

The forest can be a magical place, and even seem straight out of a fairy tale. We’ve scoured the globe for the most spectacular forests in the world, and shared them with you here.

20. Rata Forest

The Rata Forest in New Zealand is home to some of the best examples of the rata tree, with its gnarled and twisty branches. The forest is on Enderby Island.

19. Crooked Forest

The Crooked Forest in Poland is one of the world’s most intriguing mysteries. The 400 curved pine trees are presumed to have been planted to grow curved wood for ships, but how and why do they curve?forest19


18. Goblin Forest

The Goblin Forest is yet another amazing find in New Zealand. The climate high up on Mount Taranaki is so wet and misty that all the trees are covered in moss, producing this goblin effect.

17. Sea of Trees

Aokigahara, Japan is home to the Sea of Trees, a forest so devoid of light that the trees appear as one giant grey mass. Hikers can get so lost they are advised to put tape and markers on trees to find their way out.

16. Hallerbos Forest

Talk about a walk to remember. Visitors to Hallerbos Forest in Belgium enjoy the magnificent forest floor of bluebells every spring, just like something out of a fairytale.

15. Tsingy Forest

The Tsingy Forest in Madagascar is known as the forest of knives because it is filled with tall, pointed limestone rocks. These towering knives make it one of the most dangerous parks in the world.

14. Daintree Rainforest

Australia’s Daintree Rainforest is the oldest surviving rainforest in the world. It is also one of the most bio diverse, with many varieties of plants, insects, marsupials and spiders.forest14

13. Stanton Moor

Stanton Moor Forest is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Located in Northern England’s scenic Peak District, the forest is covered in bilberry, heather and birch and has evidence of both Bronze age burial practices and rituals of medieval druidry.

12. Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake Forest is located on the border between Texas and Louisiana in America. The area is a 25,400-acre maze of waterways and islands, creeks and channels, with the incredible amount of water leading to thickets of Spanish moss.

11. Otzarreta Forest

Spain’s basque country is home to Gorbea National Park. The protected area is home to mysteriously shaped trees and plenty of atmospheric fog.forest11

10. Hoia Forest

Bewitching Romania is home to Hoia Forest in Transylvania, which features twisted and distorted trees and a sense of general foreboding. It is also said to be the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania” due to paranormal activity.

9. Green Mountain National Forest

Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest is where people go to see the best that fall foliage has to offer. Its colorful maple, poplar and birch trees turn every shade of orange, yellow, red and green.

8. Bellavista Cloud Forest

Ecuador’s Bellavista Cloud Forest just feels prehistoric, with majestic waterfalls, misty mountains, and hundreds upon hundreds of birds, orchids and other plant and animal life.

7. Saguaro National Forest

If you want to see cacti plants like you’ve never seen them before, head to Tuscon, Arizona and take in the Saguaro National Forest. The Sonoran desert produces a surprising array of colors and the rocks make hikers feel like they’re on another planet.

6. Dragon’s Blood Forest

The Yemeni Island of Socotra is rarely visited, but it holds spectacular surprises. The dragon’s blood trees have inverted canopies, resembling veins or capillaries, complete with dripping red liquid.forest6

5. Caledonian Forest

Scotland was once full of Caledonian forest, which was home to brown bears and wolves. Although the Caledonian forests were largely destroyed by vikings, climate change and other foes, a large ancient forest still remains.

4. Sagano Bamboo Forest

Located just outside of Kyoto, Sagano Bamboo Forest is a magnificent sight, with bamboo trees growing in thick, long lines. The play of shadow, light and greenery create a beautiful canopy.

3. Sequoia National Forest

Travelers to California are amazed by an entire forest filled with the largest trees in the world, the sequoias. It is home to General Sherman, a tree older than the Roman Empire and as big as the Statute of Liberty.

2. Bialowieza Forest

Europe’s last primeval forest is Bialowieza Forest, which spans Poland and Belarus. The 7,000 year old forest is home to animals like bison, wolves, lynx, deer and fox.

1. The Black Forest

No forest is filled with as much lore as Germany’s Black Forest, which is the location of many tales of fairies, nymphs, goblins, and tales of horror.