20 Interesting Sodas and Energy Drinks from Around the World


You may love drinking your favorite glass of soda, such as Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew, but have you ever had soda in a different country? Soda is a popular drink worldwide, and it may surprise you to learn that there are a number of different sodas sold internationally, with all kinds of flavors. Here’s 20 soda and energy drinks from around the world, some strange-sounding, some are delicious-sounding and some are energy drinks. Drink up!

20. Beverly

Head to Disney World’s EPCOT park, and go to the Club Cool exhibit. There you can sample Coca-Cola from around the world, including the bitter soda, Beverly. Beverly has a sharp taste many Americans can’t stand. You can also try it at The World of Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. This soda was once sold in Italy but apparently has a limited consumption.



19. Pepsi Ice Cucumber

We put cucumber in all kinds of things, so it may not seem unusual to have it in a soda either. Pepsi Ice Cucumber is from Japan, and was sold in a limited-edition run in 2007. True to its name, the soda is green, and tastes like cucumber.

18. Chicken Partner

The name is intriguing, but what’s in Chicken Partner? It sounds like the soda is made to accompany one’s chicken dinner, doesn’t it? Little information exists on this soda which is believed to be of Asian origin. The mystery makes it all the more intriguing.

17. Unagi-Nobori

Unagi-Nobori is a Japanese soda and energy drink that has an ingredient believed to give you extra energy. The surprising ingredient is eel, and so the soda is infused with eel extract. 

16. Pepsi White

Pepsi White arrived in Japan in 2015, and features a white-colored soda themed after winter. It’s described as having a citrus flavor. Another Pepsi White was yogurt-flavored!

15. Arctic Black Taste

Drinkers of this soda from Finland describe it as being a tar flavor. It’s made by Rili. I’m a bit intrigued, I admit.

14. Ramune

If you love learning about Japanese culture, you’ll find Ramune soda intriguing and might want to try it. The bottles come in all sorts of flavors, and the name is from the Japanese word for lemonade. The bottles are actually sealed with a marble, and it may take a little time to get used to drinking the soda with the marble inside. There are least 36 flavors.

13. Frutonic

Frutonic is from Coca-Cola and is only sold in Belgium, New Zealand and Luxemborg. It comes in a variety of fruit flavors (hence the name) and is a fizzy drink many love.

12. Mate Mate

Mate Matte comes from Germany, and is based with mate, a South American tea known for its caffeine. It hit the market in early 2015, and is still available. Careful though, because there’s a whopping 150 mg of caffeine in one bottle.

11. Canna Cola

A soda made from THC? It may sound odd, but it’s real. The soda is intended for medicinal marijuana users, and is made in 5 flavors. You can find this soda in dispensaries in valid states and in Germany.

10. Black Peach Power

This Austrian soda features combinations of black tea and peach flavouring. The label describe it as “sparkling and intense,” and is manufactured by RAUCH.

9. Arab Cola

Coming to you from Egypt, Arab Cola is made with cumin and other Egyptian spices. The label has the same colors as a Cola-Cola bottle, but the company doesn’t make the soda. It was first spotted in 2008.

8. Black Garlic

La Obamas makes this soft drink from Switzerland and yes, it does feature garlic. Garlic is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, but I don’t know if I’m ready to try garlic soda just yet! You can find it in Asia and Europe.

7. Turbo Tango

This soda sounds like it was inspired by Cheez-Whiz. It’s a orange tango drink packed in a spray can, and made to be sprayed directly into your mouth. Ah, the rush of aerosol and fruit juices!

6. Irn-Bru

Described as Scotland’s “other national drink,” this orange-colored soda is extremely popular in its homeland. It outsells Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and has fans around the world. You can find it in plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles, and even syrup containers. That’s a lot of soda!

5. Jarritos

A visit to your local Mexican or world market might yield you a bottle of this delicious sugar-laden soda. It’s similar to Fanta, and comes in fruit flavors.

4. Dandelion and Burdock

A couple of manufacturers offer this soda, which is from the United Kingdom. It was once a term for a mead-like drink, but now is used for sodas with the same type of flavors. One popular brand is by Ben Shaws. It would be most closely like a traditional root beer.

3. Pimento

This drink sounds hot! It’s made from ginger and chili flavor. You’ll find it in Paris, and you know what, you can go on and try it without me.

2. Bionade Litschi (Lychee)

Bionade Litchi (lychee) comes from Germany, and is an organic soft drink. It’s a fermented drink but has no beer or alcoholic content in it. You’ll find it in four flavors: Lychee, Elderflower, Herbs and Ginger-Orange.

1. Almdudler

Almdudler is an Austrian soda with a somewhat bitter flavor than ginger ale. It’s made of grape and apple juice extracts plus herbal additives.