20 Incredible Ikea Hacks to Transform Your Home and Space

Ikea, Swedish furniture company, has many pieces that are modern, classic and simple. The design style of Ikea furniture makes it easy to fit in a number of home decor styles, and also offers clever homeowners a canvas to create their own works of art with basic Ikea pieces. If you want new ways to transform your home, look no further than this list of 20 incredible Ikea hacks.

20. Dresser Hack

Ikea has many simple dressers. This one started as pure raw wood. It was transformed through paint, hardware and magazine/book racks on the side. The final effect? Gorgeous!hack20

19. Bondis Wall Clock to Belt-Clock

This simple hack takes a Bondis Wall Clock into a clock you can hang from anywhere. The $19.99 clock is paired with a $12.99 belt from H&M. Looks like a piece you’d buy for over $100 from Restoration Hardware.


18. Pillowcase Tote

Ikea sells linens. If you find a pattern you love, turn it into a tote bag. The pillowcase was sewed together with leather handles and a leather bottom to be turned into this cute bag.

17. Hamper Table

The metal frame from this Ikea hamper were actually perfect as the frame for a side table. Rather than throwing out the full hamper, they retained the frame, stained it black and added a tabletop.

16. Sheepskin Rug

Ikea sells rugs that are so small they are like annoying doormats. This couple stitched several rugs together to create a fluffy stylish runner.

15. Copper Shelving

If you want sleek, metallic shelves, then try a hack recommended by Ikea itself. First use its standard Lack shelves, then add copper contact paper.

14. Billy Bookshelf Library

Attention nerds! If you’ve ever wanted to create your own library, it can be done using Ikea’s Billy Shelves. This couple attached shelves to the wall, added crown molding and a ladder to make it seem like they had always been there.hack14

13. Igloo Wall

This amazing project used Ikea’s Rektangle vases to create a translucent wall. The glass vases are painted white inside and glued together to form a privacy wall for a bathroom.

12. Mid-Century Modern Planters

If you love modern design, there’s no reason your patio area needs to be stuck in country style. The white Kardemumma series of pots were used here to create tall, mid-century planters. They were simply glued together and they used liquid nails.

11. Farmhouse Coffee Table

Dreaming about buying one of those reclaimed wood coffee tables, but put off by the sticker price? Just use the old Jokkmokk table from Ikea as the base. Saw off the legs to be half the length, sand and stain some 2x4s and you have a rustic table.

10. Bedside Lamp

The Ikea Frack bathroom mirror has the perfect expandable base for a bedside light. Remove the mirror, add lamp wire and a chrome bulb and you have a movable sconce for less than $25.00.

9. Mid-Century Coffee Table

Authentic Mid-Century tables are hard to come by and expensive. This Ikea hack uses the white top from the boxy Lack coffee table, then attaches sleek walnut legs.

8. Log Table

It’s fun to mix and match rustic and industrial styles. For this table, you simply add a log slice to the top of an Ikea Marius stool. It only costs $5.99.hack8

7. Rope Bridge Bookshelf

You can buy a simple Statlig board from Ikea for less than $10.00. Use a miter saw to chop the board up into pieces, then tie them together with rope and bracket them to the wall.

6. Spotted Chair

Feel like playing with markers on furniture? It can be done! This woman used a black Sharpie to give her white Ikea chair slipcovers a spotted cow look.

5. Herb Garden

Use the Ikea wine rack to make an herb garden for your kitchen. By taking apart the Vrum wine rack and adding cheap glasses to the parts, you have a DIY herb garden.

4. Geometric Bear Doormat

To create a geometric bear doormat, simply download a bear template and trace it with a projector (or get it printed at Staples). Next trace it onto the Ikea doormat and cut it out along the lines.

3. Lack Cat Tree

The Lack shelves are incredibly versatile. Several cat owners have transformed the Lack shelves into cat trees. Just buy a few Lack shelves, Ekby Mans brackets and some carpet and affix to the wall.

2. Antique Door Table

If you’ve dreamt of creating your own reclaimed item table, Ikea can help you do it. Find an antique door, then go to Ikea for the legs. These horse-style legs are only $10.00 each.

1. Golden Bar Cart

Bar carts are incredibly popular at the moment. Thankfully Ikea makes it possible to spend a little and get back something great. Buy a silver unpainted utility cart and spray it gold. Then add shelves, liquor and serve.