20 Dumbest Celebrity Business Ventures

As a person becomes famous, they often have a chance to get involved with one business venture or another. Some open restaurants, others do lucrative endorsement deals, and still, other celebrities just make terrible business decisions that we can only question. Here are 20 celebrities who made terrible business moves, and who probably wish we could forget about these failures forever.

20. Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner, mainly known in the 1990’s for marrying Bruce Jenner, was a shill for a spiritual candle company. The weird infomercial was made in the 2000’s and was for a series of candles named Wicks of Wisdom. With a name like that, it was guaranteed to make money, right? We’re sure Kris wishes this video hadn’t popped up on YouTube but it did. Watch and learn the magic of the candles!celebbusiness20


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