20 Awe-Inspiring Backyards to Inspire You

A backyard can be a haven for kids and adults alike, so let’s take a look at these awesome outdoor space that can give us some inspiration!

20. Grandpa’s Roller Coaster

John Ivers, an Indiana grandfather, built his grandkids their own roller coaster. Although The Blue Flash only lasts 10 seconds, it’s surely the envy of all the neighborhood kids.

19. Hockey Rink

An Ann Arbor dad, inspired by the pond hockey of his youth, enlisted his neighborhood in building a backyard ice hockey rink. He wrote about his experience for Popular Mechanics.back19


18. Celine’s Water Park

Celine Dion and her husband own a $20 million mansion. In addition to a tennis court and gym, the Jupiter Island, Florida mansion has a full-fledged backyard water park, with two pools, two slides, and a lazy river.

17. Elliptical Pod Treehouse

Modern design meets traditional treehouse in this epic pod system nestled in the treetops. The treehouse was developed for a family in Gross Ippener, Norther Germany, who wanted a wooded retreat on their property.back17

16. Hobbit Treehouse

Every J.R.R. Tolkien fan has dreamed of owning a hobbit house built into the side of the hill as in the books. This is even better – a hobbit treehouse. This 400 sq ft house is in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

15. Pirate Ship and Slide

If it’s a pirate’s life for you and your kids, then you need to have a pirate ship in the backyard. This yard isn’t just a ship, it doubles as a slide and a pool!

14. A Dog’s Life

You won’t mind being in the doghouse if the doghouse looks like this! This abode has cooling, running water and indoor plumbing for when the backyard pup has human visitors.

13. Paris

This man is an artist named Girard Brion. He memorialized his love for Paris by spending 15 years old building a replica of the City of Light in his backyard, made all from discarded trash!

12. Printer Castle

Many people have built backyard castles, but this may be the first one made from a 3D printer. A Minnesota man built it using a 3D printer…which he also made. It took two months to print.back12

11. Tennis in Iowa

In Field of Dreams, an Iowa farmer learned “if you build it, they will come.” That story was about baseball. This Iowa story is about an Iowan who turned his backyard into his own dream – a replica of Wimbledon. He even calls his backyard the “All Iowa Lawn Tennis Club” after the famed “All England Lawn Tennis Club.”

10. Disney-Inspired Design

The We family loved Disney so much they enlisted HGTV to recreate the Family Cabanas at Family Beach on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.

9. At Home Drive-In

The Holt family of Tuscon decided to create a backyard theater to go with their pool and barbecue. They started with a painter’s drop cloth and then upgraded to a real screen. Here they enjoy the movie “The Princess and the Frog.”

8. To Infinity

Infinity pools are all the rage everywhere, with their no-edge design. This one is especially amazing because it includes a hot tub, a view of the lush forest as well as the distant mountains. back8

7. Hot Tub Time Machine

This hot tub takes heating up to a whole new level by being placed right in front of the crackling fireplace. It’s also a rarely-seen infinity hot tub, with beautiful flat stone reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home.

6. Winter Fireplace

There’s nothing like a hot and bright fire on a cold night. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is great in just about any climate. This one warms you up outside in your winter wonderland.

5. Backyard Wedding

Festoon lights have taken over the wedding planning industry, and are used beautifully here to create a beautiful and dreamy backyard reception. The lights are placed inside the wood and pine canopy to light the night.

4. Tony Hawk’s Skatepark

Lots of kids dream of having a sick backyard skatepark and there’s none better than the one belonging to the man himself, Tony Hawk. The park is 4,500 sq ft, far bigger than the pro skater legend’s attached residence.

3. Backyard Luge Track

When you live in cold climates, it’s important to keep the family engaged in winter sports, and that’s just what this Long Island dad did for his kids. Jay Vinini’s kids now have a sled up on the luge competition.

2. Airplane Slide

There’s plenty of boring playground equipment you can buy, but why not kick it up a notch with a slide coming down from an actual airplane? No that’s not a crash, it’s a slide coming from a classic Tupolev Tu.

1. Golf

If you’re a golfer, you might have fantasized about walking right outside your back door and onto the putting green. Golf instructor Dave Pelz created a golf paradise modeled on holes from Augusta National and TPC Sawgrass.