19 Facts You May Not Know About Full House


Fuller House, the spin off of the 1990’s family sitcom Full House just made its appearance on Netflix. While it hasn’t won the hearts of critics, it has charmed many fans, who have quickly binged through the show’s first 13 episodes. Full House’s original run on the air was from September 1987 until its cancellation in 1995 and still lives on in re-runs. The show was part of the childhood of many 90’s kids, and these 20 facts will take you back in time to the era when the Olsen twins were just tykes, and each Friday was devoted to the TGIF programming block.

19. Producers tried to make it look like Michelle was played by one child for several seasons.

The name that appeared in the series credits was “Mary Kate Ashley Olsen” throughout seasons two through seven of Full House. Michelle, as you may know, was played by the Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen mostly because of child labor laws, so producers billed the character as played by one actress for a good length of time. fullhouse19



18. Uncle Jesse had a last name change in the second season.

The character of Jesse was once called Cochran, but the show changed it to Katsopolis, mainly at actor John Stamos’ request. The show then also had story lines that reflected the character’s Greek heritage, as John Stamos is also Greek. The character’s name was also once intended to be Adam.

17. The story of the house.

The Full House house is one of the most famous TV landmarks of all time, and people still make time to catch it when they’re in San Francisco. The characters on Full House referred to their address as 1883 Girard Street and once 1882 Girard Street. You can visit the real house at 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco, California. The value of the Tanner house would be $3 million in today’s real estate market! The house also isn’t on the hill like it appears in the show. You can find a page for it on Yelp.

16. A bunch of comedians live in a house…

The show Full House wasn’t always a family show, but was conceived to be about a group of comics living together in one big house. The working title was House of Comics, but when ABC needed a new family show, the producers reworked House of Comics into Full House.fullhouse16


15. No tears = a role!

Twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen won their role over other children because they didn’t cry during the audition. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. John Stamos didn’t like their crying later, however, and reportedly tried to get them fired during the lifetime of the show. When producers later wanted Ashley Olsen gone, he fought back though!

14. Comet was Air Bud’s Buddy.

The dog that originally played Comet on Full House also played Buddy, the basketball-playing dog in the 1990’s flick Air Bud. He was a stray found on the streets by an animal trainer, and was really named Buddy. He also appeared on David Letterman’s Stupid Pet Tricks segment.fullhousedog


13. The show wasn’t shot in San Francisco.

I thought the show was shot there myself, kid. But no, only one episode was ever shot in the famous city. The rest were filmed in Los Angeles, California. Season eight episode “Comet’s Great Adventure” is the San Fran episode. The show also was shot on the same sound stage as the superheroine show Wonder Woman, then later F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The Full House park scenes were shot in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Stamos later came on the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ep “The One with the Donor.”

12. Michelle and the double duty of the Olsen Twins.

Sources close to the show say that Ashley and Mary Kate each had their strengths, and one twin was used for the funnier parts, while the other was used more for the serious moments. Both of the twins appeared in a dream sequence for the episode “The Seven-Month Itch.” One twin also played a Greek cousin in the episode “Greek Week,” which is featured in this GIF.

11. The Teen Wolf connection.

John Posey, father of Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf was once cast to play Danny Tanner, and even filmed the un-aired pilot. He was chosen because their first pick, Bob Saget, was unavailable. Later Saget did fill the role. Posey has appeared with his son several times on Teen Wolf.

10. John Stamos claims he hasn’t watched an entire episode of Full House in over 20 years.

Whether he stuck with that while they were filming Fuller House is anyone’s guess, but honestly, he’s had such a big career, we can see why he wouldn’t look back on the show. He reportedly hates his hair on the original show and that’s why he won’t watch!fullhouse10


9. The opening credits doesn’t feature the cast driving on the Golden Gate bridge.

You probably watched the credit sequence all the time, but did you realize it wasn’t the same actors in the car? Producers cast look-alikes and filmed them from a helicopter.

8. “Have mercy” wasn’t scripted.

John Stamos improvised the line during a take, and it stuck. It’s probably one of the more resilient catchphrases as well, since anything with “dude” has had its heyday.

7. The twins grew too fast for producers.

During production, there were several times that one twin or another had to wear fake teeth, because the producers were still committed to presenting them as one actor, and not two. If one twin lost a tooth and the other twin hadn’t, the toothless twin had to cover it up with a fake.

6. Full House and Disney.

Like other 1990’s shows, the Full House cast did an episode in Disney World, which was a big marketing ploy by ABC, but they also referenced Disneyland. In the episode “The Seventh-Month Itch,” the Tanner clan is supposed to go to Disneyland, which is in Anaheim, California, but the trip is canceled from fog. A later episode refers to their trip, even though they didn’t make, so sharp-eyed fans have marked that as a continuity error. The clan did go to Disney World in the two-part episode event “The House Meets the Mouse.” One of the subplots is that D.J. is so infatuated with Steve that she sees him even in an Aladdin costume – Scott Weiner, the actor who played Steve, voiced the character of Aladdin in the Disney movie.

5. The Olsen Twins were millionaires by age 10.

The twins parlayed their cuteness into a multi-million dollar set of merchandising including books, made-for-tv movies, music, and more. There was even a Michelle doll. Their company, Dualstar is still around today, and produced movies and plenty of other goods.fullhouse5


4. The phrase “cut it out” came over from another show.

Dave Coulier, who played Joey, was fond of saying “Cut it out” as his catchphrase on the show. He revealed that he actually borrowed it from another comedian, and then used it on a Nickelodeon game show called Out of Control. When he got Full House, he brought the catchphrase there.

3. The WB almost gave Full House two more seasons.

The WB was a brand new network and would be the future home of hits like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and in 1995, it was reported that they were considering extending the length of the show, but the actors weren’t interested. They ran Sister, Sister instead as their family entertainment. No harm no foul, because now we have Fuller House.

2. Bob Saget and Dave Coulier actually met when Coulier was a teenager.

He says that he met Saget in a Detroit comedy club and got in contact with him after he moved to L.A. He even ended up sleeping on Saget’s couch when he didn’t have an apartment in L.A. at first.

1. Jurnee Smollett is the sister of Jesse Smollet.

Jurnee Smolett, who played Denise on Full House, is the younger sister of one of the star’s of Fox’s show Empire. Her brother, Jussie, will guest star on her upcoming show, Underground, in March 2016. The show is about the underground railroad.